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Wildey pistol (USA)



Another Wildey pistol with 8


[part of] factory cut-out Wildey pistol, showing its locking system and trigger linkage

[part of] factory cut-out Wildey pistol, showing its locking system and trigger linkage



Type: Double Action
Calibers: .44 Auto Mag; .45 Wildey Magnum; .45 Winchester Magnum; .475 Wildey Magnum
Weight unloaded: depends on barrel length (~ 1.44 kg / 51 oz with 6" barrel)
Length: depends on barrel length (~ 279 mm / 11" with 6" barrel)
Barrel length: from 5 to 18 inches (127 to 457 millimeters)
Capacity: 8 rounds


The Wildey pistol was developed and patented by the Wildey Moore during the early 1970s. This super powerful pistol actually pre-dates the more famous Desert Eagle pistol by at least a decade. Wildey pistol has some interesting features not found in other pistols, such as adjustable gas system, easily configurable for various loads. During the last 30 years Wildey pistols had somewhat turbulent history, but as of now they are well established on the market of powerful handguns for hunting and sport shooting. Wildey pistols also featured in several Hollywood movies, such as "Death Wish" with Charles Bronson. It must be noted that two powerful pistol rounds, the .45 Winchester Magnum and 9mm Winchester Magnum were developed especially for Wildey pistols. The .45 Win Mag is still available, while 9 mm Win Mag is now obsolete and no longer made. Wildey pistols also available in proprietary .475 Wildey Magnum and .45 Wildey Magnum (.475 case necked down). Since 2003 the Wildey pistols also available in famous .44 Auto Mag chambering. Wildey pistols are offered in a variety of barrel lengths, from 5 inches and up to 18 inches. The Wildey Carbine is based on Wildey pistol, fitted with 18" barrel, short wooden forearm, and a skeleton walnut stock.

Wildey pistol is a gas operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic firearm. The rotary bolt has three lugs which lock into the long barrel extension. The slide is linked to the bolt by the extension on the one of locking lugs. The short stroke annular gas piston is located around the barrel, just ahead of the slide. When round is fired, the gas piston is pushed back against the slide, which on its way back rotates and then retracts the bolt, extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge case. On the way back, the slide with the bolt feeds the fresh cartridge from magazine into the barrel, and then locks the bolt. The patented gas system is adjustable by the means of the rotating ring just ahead of the gas piston. The frame, slide and barrel are made from stainless steel. The Double Action trigger system with its linkage is easily accessible via removable side plate at the right side of the frame. The frame mounted safety is located at the left side of the gun. All Wildey pistols are fitted with adjustable rear sights and removable front sight blades. Barrels can be fitted with muzzle brake for reduced recoil.

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