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Steyr Scout Tactical (Austria)

Steyr Scout with 'scout' style scope mount and holder for spare cartridges on the stock.
 Steyr Scout with 'scout' style scope mount and holder for spare cartridges on the stock.


 Steyr Scout Tactical with 'classic' style optical sight mount.
 Steyr Scout Tactical with 'classic' style optical sight mount.


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: bolt action, rotating bolt
Barrel: 508 mm
Weight: 3.3 kg unloaded without scope
Length: 1039 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 or 10 rounds detachable box magazines


The Steyr Scout rifles are manufactured by Steyr company in Austria.

The Scout Rifle concept is a brainchild of the famous US shooter and firearms guru Jeff Cooper, who wanted versatile, all around rifle with light weight, suitable for effective engagement of the targets on medium distances (up to 300-400 meters). Steyr finally developed such rifle, based on their patented Safe Bolt System action. The key features ot the Scout rifle are: high-strenght polymer stock, ajustable for lenght of pull, with integral folding bipods that acted as a part of the forend when folded; long eye relief, forward mounted, relatively low magnification (2.5X) scope for quick target aquisition at short and medium distances;spare magazine held in the special bay in the buttstock; special, three point sling. Resulting design is a somewhat futuristic looking, versatile, high quality rifle. Converting it into lightweight sniper/tacticla rifle was a natural choice, so Steyr introduced its Scout Tactical variation of the basic design.

The Tactical Scout differs from the basic variant mostly in the bolt area: it has matte black bolt finish with oversized bolt handle, instead of basic polished steel bolt finish and hunting style bolt handle. Also, usually, the 10-rounds magazine adapter (available as acessory for hunting Scouts) is pre-installed on Tactical Scouts.

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