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R-92 revolver (Russia)

R-92 revolver (Russia)



Type Double Action revolver
Caliber(s)  9x18 Mak, 9x17 Browning Short
Weight unloaded 520 g
Length 157 mm
Barrel length 63 mm
Magazine capacity 5 rounds


The R-92 revolver was designed circa 1992 by Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) in Tula, in an attempt to provide Russian police and private security personnel with compact, easily concealable weapon which is simple and reliable in use. It seems that, like other contemporary Russian revolvers, it never gained any significant acceptance in official use (despite being formally adopted for MVD use in 1994), and only 'private security' version, chambered for 9x17 Browning ammunition, was manufactured in any noticeable numbers. This revolver has somewhat unconventional appearance, with trigger and grip moved further forward that usual in an attempt to make the gun more compact.

R-92 revolver is a more or less conventional double-action revolver with semi-exposed hammer (which protrudes from frame at the top, allowing it to be manually cocked or de-cocked) and side-opening cylinder that holds 5 rounds. Since ammunition, for which this revolver is intended, is rimmless, cartridges are loaded into flat steel clips prior to loading into the cylinder. Loading and extraction is performed using this clip, with all 5 rounds at once.

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