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PGM Ultima Ratio 'Hecate II' (France)

Ultima Ratio 'Hecate II' rifle.
Ultima Ratio 'Hecate II' rifle.


Caliber(s): .50BMG (12.7x99 mm)
Operation: bolt action
Barrel lenght: 700 mm
Weight: 13.8 kg
Length: 1380 mm
Feed Mechanism: 7 rounds detachable box mag.


Ultima Ratio rifles are made by PGM Precision company in France. Hecate II is the largest of the whole UR family rifles.

Hecate II rifle utilise 'metallic skeleton' design similar to other UR rifles (scaled up, of cause) with solid machined receiver and free floating precision made fluted barrel, fitted with huge muzzle brake/compensator. Bolt locks into receiver with three forward-located lugs, and has overpressure vents to secure the shooter from powder gases in the case of the cartridge case rupture.

Hecate II rifles feature ajustable stock, with folding bipod and retractable rear leg.

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