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Heckler – Koch HK 121 universal / general purpose machine gun (Germany)



7,62x51 NATO


1165 mm

Barrel length

550 mm


10,8 kg

Rate of fire





Heckler – Koch HK 121 universal / general purpose machine gun is being developed by famous German arms-making company Heckler und Koch, as a possible replacement for ageing MG 3 general purpose machine guns, now in use by German military. This weapon was first announced in 2009, and by now (mid-2011) is still in advanced test and development. Apparently, it was built on the base of the previous HK machine gun, the 5.56mm MG 4, but with few parts being actually interchangeable due to different calibers and sizes.

Heckler – Koch HK 121 machine gun is a gas operated weapon, firing from open bolt in automatic mode only. It has quick-detachable, air cooled barrel, with conventional rotary bolt locking. HK 121 gun is belt fed, using standard NATO disintegrating belts with M13 links, fed from clip-on 50-round containers or separate belt boxes. Gun is equipped with pistol grip and rifle-type trigger. Side-folding shoulder stock is made from polymer, and a small folding forend / forward grip is provided under the gas tube. Conventional folding bipod is attached below the gas block, and the gun can be installed on all mounts and tripods originally developed for MG 3 machine guns. In accordance with modern trends, it carries integral Picatinny rail at the top of the receiver, which can accept variety of day and night sights in addition to standard iron sights, which are provided with the gun.

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