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GALATZ - Galil Sniper Rifle (Israel)

GALATZ - Galil Sniper Rifle (Israel)

GALATZ - Galil Sniper Rifle (Israel)


Caliber(s): 7.62mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: gas operated, rotating bolt, semi-auto
Barrel: 508 mm
Weight: 8 kg loaded (20 rounds), with scope, sling and bipod
Length: 1115 mm
Feed Mechanism: 20 rounds detachable box mag.


Galil sniper rifle (also known in IDF as GALATZ) is, basically, an improved Galil assault rifle, redesigned to fire 7.62mm NATO (.308win) cartridge. The changes made to original rifle made were:
- two stage trigger with semi-auto only mode of fire
- heavy target-style barrel with flash-hider and threads to accept optional silencer
- folding wooden buttstock, ajustable for lenght, with ajustable cheekpad
- fixed power 6X telescopic sights (quick-detachable mount is fixed on the left side of the receiver). Iron sights are kept in place for backup purposes.

GALATZ is manufactured in Israel by IMI, and is widely used by Israeli Defence Forces.
Tactically, GALATZ is much closer to "tactical support rifles" such as famous Russian SVD or German G3-SG1, rather than to true "sniper" rifles such as US M24/M40's, or Mauser 66 and 86's, also used by IDF (Israeli Defence Forces).

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