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Falcon (Czech Republic)


 Falcon (Czech Republic)


OP 96
OP 99
.50BMG (12.7x99mm)
12.7x108 mm
bolt action
bolt action
Barrel Lenght
927 mm
839 mm
13.4 kg
12.9 kg
1380 mm
1260 mm
Feed Mechanism
2 rounds built-in
2 rounds built-in


The Falcon rifle is manufactured by ZVI in Czech Respublic. The rifle is manufactured in two variants - OP 96 for NATO-standart .50BMG cartridge, and OP 99 for ex-Esatern block standart Russian 12.7x108mm cartridge.

Falcon is made in bull-pup configuration. It has mauser-type, three lugs bolt. Built-in 2 round magazine may be blocked by special cover to convert rifle to single-shot mode. Falcon has mounts for various telescopic sights, as well as back-up iron sights. To reduce felt recoil, Falcon is equipped with muzzle brake and spring-powered recoil pad in buttstock.

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